FCP Library Cleaner
App for Final Cut Pro Workflows

This neat little tool helps you free up space on your hard drive and clean up your FCP Library render files without opening Final Cut Pro. It is an easy-to-use standalone tool that allows you also to clean up multiple libraries at once.


  • Easy installation
  • Faster cleanup
  • Multiple library selection
  • Similar to paid tools - but free!

macOS 14.5+

Delete Render Files

The app allows you to delete all the render files in your Final Cut Library, freeing up disk space without opening Final Cut Pro.

Multiple Library Selection

You can select and clean up multiple libraries simultaneously, making the cleanup process much faster.


After downloading, unpack the zip file and start the .pkg file. Then simply follow the installation wizard.
The FCP Library Cleaner is much faster, and you don't need to open Final Cut to free up disk space. You can also perform the operation on multiple libraries at once. So it is more convenient.
Yes, if there are updates available, you can download them for free.
No, this application works offline and does not share any of your project data online.
This app is supported on macOS only.
You can simply delete the .app file from your computer.
If you need a feature for the app, a new option, or a custom version, please send us a message. We provide custom solutions for your business.

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