File Security Guide

How we protect your files

In this guide, we explain how we protect your files and ensure that they are handled securely, and we want to be transparent about what happens when you upload files to our service.

We want our tools to be as secure as possible so that we can meet all of our customers' needs, whether they are subtitling a critical documentary project or working on a top-secret high-end series.

  1. Instand Converters & Tools
  2. Asyncron Converters & Tools
  3. AI applications & 3rd party tools
  4. Files for our developers
  5. Summary and other tips

1. Instand Converters & Tools

When you upload files or enter data in one of these tools, your upload is not saved, but processed directly. Only the export is saved. You decide how long the files are stored. Files from visitors (without login) are meant for immediate download and are only stored for a few minutes. Download links are usually only valid for about 10 minutes. After a maximum of 30 minutes they will no longer be available. This is because our CDN caches the file to reduce server load.

With an account, you can choose if and how long you want us to store the generated files for you. Files can also be deleted individually at any time.

But how safe is the download link? Is it possible to guess the link by trial and error?

This is nearly impossible. Our download paths are randomly generated, and there are well over 100^25 possible options + the random filename of your uploaded file. Bots or scripts testing urls for possible download files will be automatically banned from the server after a few failed attempts.

If you are still concerned, you can password protect the generated files.

You can enable our "Password protect export file" feature to further increase the security of the files. The password is randomly generated or specified by you. The file is then encrypted using the AES-256 encryption method. In your profile settings, you can choose whether or not you want us to save the password for your file so that you can retrieve it when you download the file later.

This category includes all tools that are not mentioned in the following two categories.

2. Asyncron Converters & Tools

Some tools take a little longer to process your file. In this case, the files will remain on our server until the tool is finished. This can take anywhere from 1-2 minutes to up to an hour. Your file is not publicly accessible, only locally on the server. After that the file will be deleted and only the download file will be available.

Tools in this category include: "Scene Cut Detection"

3. AI applications & 3rd party tools

There are several vendors we work with. You can find a detailed list in our privacy policy. Your uploaded files are processed on our server, converted if necessary, and then sent anonymously to the 3rd party server. Once the result is available, we upload the result to our server and delete your uploaded file. Only the generated file will be available for download.

Tools in this category include: "Subtitle Translator", "AI - Colorize Pictures & Videos", "Text To Speech | Natural Voices" & "AI - Face Detection Tools"

4. Files for our developers

When you send us a file via the support form, we encrypt it and make it available to our internal developers for debugging. The file will only be used for internal debugging and will not be shared with external parties.

5. Summary and other tips

In short: When you upload files to our sever in the most tools, the uploaded files are not saved and only the generated files remain on the server for a short time for download. Also files can be encrypted for additional safety.

If you are still not sure, here are some more tips to improve security when working with critical projects:

  • Anonymize your files before uploading them anywhere and remove project related filenames.
  • Are you using wifi? Are you in a safe network or might your communications being monitored or recorded?
  • Do you use a cloud backup service or does your computer automatically sync to cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, or Apple iCloud? Unfortunately, this means that your files will also be uploaded to these providers and may no longer be under your control.
  • What browser are you using? Do you have a browser plugin installed that may log your connections and sends them to other service providers? Use Tor to browse anonymously.
  • Do you use a VPN? This can be good or bad. Do you trust your VPN provider, or is it perhaps monitoring your connection?

There is no such thing as 100% security on the Internet. You use our tools at your own risk and we are not responsible for your files. By uploading your files to our server, you agree to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy and confirm that you have the right to have your files processed by us.