🎉 3 Years EditingTools.io 🎉

Almost exactly 3 years ago, we started putting our free tools online at EditingTools.io. And we are absolutely overwhelmed by how many people use our tools to optimize their workflow, considering that our tools cover an absolute niche.

To put this into perspective, let us share some numbers: We now have close to 100K monthly users from over 133 countries. Most of our users are from the US, followed by France, Germany and the UK. In recent months, we have also gained many new users from Spanish-speaking countries and Asia. With over 4000 clients daily now processing up to 10K files per day, this brings new challenges and rising costs for us to keep the tools and servers running and growing.

Actually we are just a small team of currently up to 6 freelancers from all over the world developing helpful tools (some of us just in their spare time). That is why we still like to call all our tools a beta version of something. We also have to mention that all these tools are only possible because of the more than 400(!) people who have helped us to make our tools even better and have worked with us on ideas, features, testing and feedback in a constructive way. We can't name all of you here, but we are very happy about the great interest and the good cooperation with all of you. In fact, we are very happy about anyone who has the courage to contact us.

Sometimes things don't go according to plan. Just recently, one of our storages hit its absolute file limit and took our tools down for a few hours. But we have improved. And we are very happy that our tools have helped countless film productions and freelance artists. We cover a really wide range of projects, from small low budget to TV shows, series, commercials and Hollywood blockbusters.

« The little time-saving tools you've always wanted. »

To celebrate the anniversary, we have spent the last month completely redesigning some tools and adding many new features requested by the community:

  • Live timecode notes with shared live comment sessions (Link)
  • Timecode Notes with shared live comment sessions (Link)
  • Bulk Timecode Converter (Link)
  • Bulk Processing for our Subtitle Tool & Converter (Link)
  • Bulk Processing for our Subtitle Translator (Link)

We have also added new security measures:

  • AES256 password encryption for file exports
  • 2-factor account protection
  • Custom settings for saving files and storing them for up to 90 days

In addition, we have added a guide with all the information about the security of files uploaded to EditingTools.io.

Finally, we are also happy other platforms collaborate with us, such as several prodcution music libraries that developed the Music Cue Sheet Generator with us to together.

« If there's one thing we've learned over the years, it's that no matter how crazy your workflow may seem, there's always someone with an even crazier workflow. »

Over the past few years, we have invested a 6-figure sum in developing and improving our free tools, and we would like to thank all the donors, partners and supporters who have made this possible. Maintaining this fast-growing platform is a huge challenge, and it is hard to maintain this level with just a small team and a tiny percentage of users who donate to be honest. But we don't intend to turn the platform into an advertising juggernaut or a total sellout. We want to keep as many of our tools free, the data private, and the platform ad-free. So if you have an idea how we can achieve this, we are open to your thoughts. We have also considered introducing a Pro subscription status for users or companies with very high usage volumes, which would include priority support and new advanced features. What do you think about this?

We are not really the merch people, but we are planning to produce a small limited edition of merch. So if you are one of the few hardcore fans: Let us know what you want us to produce. We are happy if it is something useful at the same time.

We hear some people say, but it's not all free, what about the AI tools? Right, these are not free, as they are relatively expensive for us to run ourselves. However, we try to give our customers the lowest possible price, so the revenue from this is only enough to cover the cost of these very tools. But for our 3rd anniversary we want to give something back and are offering a special AI Credit discount only this week.

« Customers are often surprised that we can adapt our tool to their needs faster than they can update their NLE. »

As everyone knows, all tools are born out of someone's need, and we still have many ideas for new and even better tools. So we will continue to invest a lot in developing and improving the existing tools and are always looking for feedback from our users. However, we hope everyone understands that we can only put as much into development as we can cover with donations and other income.

There are many ways to support us, the easiest is to write public feedback, to make a small donation, or simply share our platform with your colleagues.

Thank you for your support.

The entire EditingTools.io team
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